Friday, September 20, 2013

TasteTee's Pastries is OPEN!


Welcome Autumn!
TasteTee's Pastries is OPEN with your Fall favorites!

I've got 2 incredible menu items available RIGHT NOW! Today! Here, fresh, ready for you to enjoy!
Glazed Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, as well as everyone's favorite: Twin Arbor Cookies (also known as the Jared Lambson special!) Enjoy them tonight for your Friday Night family celebrations! And just between you and me, they're 100% GLUTEN FREE, made in a dedicated kitchen (but you'd never be able to tell!)

2 sizes of cupcake are available: Regular or Jumbo. 4 cupcakes per order, 4 orders of each are available! $7 Regular or $9 Jumbo per order.

Twin Arbor Cookies are standard sized cookies, they come 6 to an order. I have 4 orders available. I'll have them fresh-baked upon your pick-up! You can't beat that! $9 per order.

TEXT OR PHONE ORDERS ONLY! No online orders (it's the law, can you believe it?!?) I will respond with a text confirmation of your order to you.

Contact Tee (Tiffany) at 720.281.5133

Pick-up begins at 2:30 pm today (September 20, 2013!!)


Monday, May 6, 2013


Today I am introducing a new feature called 

I do enjoy sharing different products I happen upon with others, and what better way to share than to do it here on the 'ol blog! When occasion presents itself, you can bet I'll share the best and the worst of what I find. As always, nothing is sponsored; I paid for these items, and the opinions are all mine.

So without further ado, here is the first installment of GOOD//NOT GOOD!

I found this gem in the International aisle of my local supermarket and thought "Hey! Why not?" and it made its merry way into my cart. It was joined alongside a Mexican Coke, because I'm nothing if not thorough in my testing. It was good! A bit fruity, even.

Thumbs up to you, Jarritos Mexican Cola.

Kroger has a newish line of store-brand products called "Simple Truth". It seems interesting, and the line extends throughout the store, covering most categories of food. I've had a few Simple Truth products that I've liked, but, oh wow. Not this. First of all, the label makes the claim "Free of 101 preservatives", which seems like a very odd thing to many preservatives exist in the first place, and if its free of 101 of them, how many does this product actually contain? Silly. But the nitty gritty of it is that this stuff tastes like carbonated NyQuil. Straight up. Kroger actually refunded my money for the 4-pack, which was very nice of them. They take good care of me there.

That's a big FAIL for Simple Truth Peach Pear soda.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tee's Gluten-Free Rugelach

Today we're making Rugelach, golden "little twists", common in Jewish tradition. While I'm not of the Jewish faith, I seem to enjoy their food quite a bit! I had to look up how to pronounce the Yiddish name: it's pronounced "Roo-gul-ahck".

As noted in the recipe below, I took my inspiration from Erika, a guest blogger on The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I've made quite a few changes to it as a whole, and completely reworked the filling. When reviewing Erika's recipe (I recommend that you do!,) you may notice that I've doubled the amount of liquid in the dough. This is on purpose, as gluten-free baking sometimes requires an increase of moisture.  It tastes very Middle Eastern to me; the orange zest and figs combine to create a beautifully exotic taste and aroma. I've shaped them in an unorthidox manner; they are traditionally rolled up into logs and sliced into little cookies, similar to a cinnamon roll. With the delicacy of this dough, I think it would create more frustration than it is worth to do this...a (reversed) croissant-style roll-up is just as beautiful and much easier to manage! I feel quite confident that it'll be a special holiday treat in our home, and I'm feeling pretty good that it'll become one in your home, too!

These little pillows of delight are soft and fluffy right out of the oven. Whatever doesn't get eaten in the first day can be wrapped in foil packets (once cool!), then placed into sealed plastic bags in the freezer. They are delicious straight out of the freezer, too! You may also let them return to room temperature after freezing, if you can stand to wait that long.


Rice flour works great as a bench flour; you may not want to use your specialty flour mix for this purpose!
If you happen to run short on filling, don't hesitate to make them chocolate, ganache or even Nutella-filled! There are endless options when filling these little guys!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Junior Tee

It's been almost 3 months since my baby was born (CRY!). Recovery has been more difficult than I thought it would be for me, but I am starting to do much better now.

May I introduce you to Junior Tee!

He was born February 2nd, 2012. 6 pounds, 13 oz. 20 inches. He was and is so perfect!

He has been nothing but perfectly sweet. Very little colic and just so happy!

We arrived early morning at the hospital the day of the birth (I was 1st cesarean of the day), and I was quickly prepped for surgery. The epidural was quite painful for me; I wasn't really expecting that. I knew it would hurt, but wow! It immediately started to numb my right side, but my left still had feeling for a while. We were worried about it, so the nurses tipped me on my side to try to get the epidural to flow over. It worked (thank goodness!), and off we were to surgery! Mr Tee was right by my side, and things went fairly quickly. My anesthesiologist was named Patrick (Pat), and he was the kindest nurse I've ever had. When Jr Tee arrived, and Mr Tee went to care for him while I was being stitched up, Pat quietly removed my glasses and wiped my tears for me. It was a tender gesture I won't soon forget.

The moment Jr Tee was born, Audioslave's Like A Stone was playing on the radio in the operating room. Mr Tee didn't want to see any part of the surgery, so he stayed behind the curtain with me, but at the last moment, he hopped up and took a picture right as my doctor was removing Jr Tee. Then he plopped right back down. It was cute :) The doctors all declared how adorable he was, and I started crying right away. I was so overcome with love for him already, and I still hadn't even seen him! It reminded me of when we first met Little Tee at her birth. It is amazing how you can instantly love this little person you've never met before! It's so wonderful.

I do have to brag a little bit here. We were treated to the most amazing recovery room ever. It's called a "super-suite", and we got it because Mr Tee works for a company that serves this hospital. It literally was like a big hotel room....a big living room with a plush Murphy Bed for the husband, a sofa bed for any children, and their own bathroom, along with a kitchenette. Then I had my own bedroom just off the main area with a large stone bathroom and waterfall shower. It was magnificent! Because of some swelling issues, and because my silly epidural took a few days to wear off (not kidding...I couldn't walk or eat until it wore off!), we were in the hospital for 5 days. It was so great to have a little home instead of spending all of that time in a small room. Also, my own bidet. 'Nuff said. :D

We were also blessed that, due to a storm, Mr Tee's parents' flight was re-directed from Denver to Dallas. They were able to spend a few days with Little Tee, and they stayed with her at our home. The timing couldn't have been any better! Little Tee also stayed with some of our fantastic friends here...we really have such wonderful and selfless friends.

Little Tee has had very little jealousy, and has been eager to hug, kiss and help her little brother. She doesn't enjoy sharing toys with him, but she has occasionally offered her snacks to him!

We still haven't settled into much of a routine; the days and nights are still in flux, as are his feeding times. We just kind-of go with the flow, and soon enough, the day is already over! I started working again after 6 weeks, so our days are very full.

A few things about Jr Tee:
*He laughs in his sleep
*He started rolling onto his sides/rolling over at around 3 weeks old
*He started holding his head up at about 3 weeks as well
*He looks just like his daddy, red hair and all
*He has my nose, though
* Diaper time was terrifying for us for the first month or so. It was a race to get a new diaper on him, in hopes that he wouldn't shoot us with poo! Yeah. I know.
*He loves to "coo" and smile at us
*He nurses like a champ, but will usually accept a bottle of pumped milk as well (!!)
*He slept 7 hours at night starting at about 2 months
*He is the cutest baby boy I've ever seen!

Welcome, little one! We love you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

35 Weeks!

35 weeks?! How can this be? Pregnancy has flown by, and I know I will eventually feel like it almost never happened at all...that's what people tell me anyway. I am to the point now where I am physically ready for Little Man to be on the outside. Come into the big new world, Little Man! Of course, it's still too early for that, but give it a week, and he can come at any time! 40 weeks would be perfectly ideal for his development, so I don't want to go through the next few weeks wishing him here, but pretty much, my body hurts like the dickens.

What is "the dickens", anyway?

Whatever it is, my body hurts like it.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how well my body has done, because I was just sure my body would be awful. I knew I'd be violently ill the whole time, and probably end up on bed rest or something, because my body is just like that. My monthly enemy always made me so sick and I figured pregnancy would be crazy. Thankfully, it's been much more manageable than I expected! Yes, I hurt. My back isn't faring so well, and I've been wearing a super-attractive back brace under my already too-tight clothes. My back and legs seize up so painfully, and I literally can't walk. My sciatic is majorly upset, and is shooting death rays through my crazy-crampy legs. I've had some spotting issues, but thankfully, non-threatening to the baby. And swelling. Oh dear! I didn't realize how swollen I've become until I tried putting on my wedding ring.

Bad idea!

I haven't worn it in months, you know, just to be safe. However, we were going out the night before New Year's Eve to a fancy-pants restaurant, and I wanted to look all bling-y and, you know, wear my ice. As I was gracefully shoving it over my knuckle, I had the thought "I shouldn't do this..." but by then it was too late, because the ring had already slipped right into place. And then, right before my eyes, my finger swelled up, and enveloped a bit of the ring. It was big and blue/purple and really bad news. So I tried to keep calm, breathe, say a prayer, and get the darn thing off! I ran it under cold water - no luck. I slathered baby oil on it - still no luck. Then Vaseline, then crying, then calling in Mr. Tee, then ice and lots and lots of pulling, yanking and gnashing of teeth. Still no luck with the ring, but we were successful in cutting up and bruising my finger, so you know, there's that. The whole time, I was having horrible visions of having to go into the E.R. to have the ring cut off. I knew that was an option, because Mr. Tee works at a nearby hospital and a few months ago, and told me that he had to purchase a ring cutter for the E.R. I scoffed at the idea then, but I wasn't scoffing now.  I was so sad to think we would have to defile the symbol of our undying love and devotion to each other! Also, I really didn't want to miss our reservation. We hadn't been on a date in months...I was really looking forward to this. It's hard to flatter a big pregnant body, and I looked pretty good that night, even if I didn't get a chance to finish my eye makeup. I was not about to miss my expensive dinner! So anyhow, Mr. Tee looked at me and said the dreaded words

"We are going to have to cut it off".

Much crying ensued while we raced around the house getting a diaper bag ready for Little Tee, so we could unexpectedly drop her off at a friend's house (thanks again Liz...and thanks for not judging me for my crazy drama!). We grabbed an ice pack for my finger, Mr. Tee quickly changed out of his scrubs into a nice outfit (guys can get ready so fast!), and we were out the door. Once Little Tee was dropped off, we headed out to the hospital. Mr. Tee didn't know anyone at the front desk, and they acted as if we were just going to sit there for the night while other people went back first...apparently a blue/purple fat finger isn't high on the list of priorities, and our fancy dinner reservations didn't matter to them either, I'm sure. So Mr. Tee took his work I.D. badge, went through the back door, and found the nurses that he knows. They took me back, sliced off my little sparkler, we paid through the teeth for our copay, and we were off! It sure pays to know people in the E.R.! We were only 20 minutes late for dinner (we called and let them know). We went to Roy's, btw, and it was "eh". I know you were wondering. We decided to skip our movie for the night, but by that point, I was pooped.

So there you have it, my friends. Baby will be here soon, I (hopefully) won't be so puffy for too much longer, and we've gotta see if we can get the ring fixed. So much drama! We still haven't really prepared for Little Man to come, and we still can't agree on a name. Sigh. I'm sure it will all come together in the next few weeks. I guess it's going to have to come is coming whether we are ready or not!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Asked For Them

You wanted them, so you shall receive.

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

And yes, I am a couple weeks late on my 6 months picture. I'll catch up soon! I've totally balooned this last month!

Chili Cookoff

When we moved to Texas from Colorado and into our new neighborhood, Mr. Tee was really excited to get out and meet new people in our area during the Fall chili cookoff. After all, it is tradition in our church in Colorado, why wouldn't it be tradition here in our new church group? Sadly, Mr. Tee was very disappointed when said chili cookoff never materialized. He's a big competitor in these sort of things, and plans his chili throughout the year. He was super bummed, which made me feel sad, too.
I thought about this for a while, and decided that I would throw a chili cookoff for him and our friends to compete in. I happened to mention it to my friend, Liz, and she wanted in! She got really excited to help plan it, which was so great. There's no way I could have pulled it off by myself.

We set a time to use our church's outdoor pavilion, and Liz designed the awesome invitations as well as an official logo! She's one fancy and talented designer!

We set a few rules, namely that Liz and I could not compete, and that we couldn't be involved in our spouse's chili entries. We had 4 official judges (who couldn't compete, either) who really took it seriously! The judges tasted each chili anonymously and rated them by taste, texture and heat on a scale from 1 to 5. We had about 10 or 12 entries, and with a little good-natured smack-talk, competition was fierce! We also had a potluck where everyone brought side dishes and drinks, plus with root beer floats at the end, I am certain that nobody went home hungry. much food! All in all, I'd say we had about 50 to 60 people in attendance total.

We had games and prizes for the kids (namely silly bands), and a bunch of prizes for the chili competitors. All entrants received a certificate stating what the judges thought of their chili, along with a beaded necklace with a red chili pepper hanging from it and a ribbon for participating. The 2nd and 3rd place winners got the same, plus a 2nd or 3rd place ribbon and a crazy-awesome apron with our logo on it! Then the 1st place winner got everything plus a little trophy and a big stuffed red jalapeno (named Jacques, naturally he's French--which I sewed!). It was quite the coveted spot to be in.


So I bet you are wondering who won the cookoff, aren't you? If you guessed Mr. Tee, you'd be right! Oh my goodness, when I saw that he had won (I really didn't have any idea until we tallied the scores-I wasn't there when the judges tried his), I about died! It was so funny! He had a big smile plastered on his face, and I was so proud of him :) It turned out to be a big success, and of course, it's an annual thing. I think people will bring their A-games next year!

Some of the prizes

Our winners!

It was truly a fun event, and I'm so glad we pulled it off! Until next year!