Friday, September 20, 2013

TasteTee's Pastries is OPEN!


Welcome Autumn!
TasteTee's Pastries is OPEN with your Fall favorites!

I've got 2 incredible menu items available RIGHT NOW! Today! Here, fresh, ready for you to enjoy!
Glazed Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, as well as everyone's favorite: Twin Arbor Cookies (also known as the Jared Lambson special!) Enjoy them tonight for your Friday Night family celebrations! And just between you and me, they're 100% GLUTEN FREE, made in a dedicated kitchen (but you'd never be able to tell!)

2 sizes of cupcake are available: Regular or Jumbo. 4 cupcakes per order, 4 orders of each are available! $7 Regular or $9 Jumbo per order.

Twin Arbor Cookies are standard sized cookies, they come 6 to an order. I have 4 orders available. I'll have them fresh-baked upon your pick-up! You can't beat that! $9 per order.

TEXT OR PHONE ORDERS ONLY! No online orders (it's the law, can you believe it?!?) I will respond with a text confirmation of your order to you.

Contact Tee (Tiffany) at 720.281.5133

Pick-up begins at 2:30 pm today (September 20, 2013!!)


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  1. Thats great Tee! Everything looks delish!! Wish you were here in Denver! :)